GTA 6 Launch Dates, Rumours, Price and Gameplay 2018 (Grand Theft Auto VI)

Rockstar is the developers of GTA series and the last GTA 5 series is a good game with a high sale. The next release will be GTA 6 for sure. But the official announcement about this is not yet out. Here we are discussing some speculations and rumors about GTA 6 launch and the gameplay. The last GTA game released in September 2013 and after that Rockstar released a most popular game called Red Redemption. Now they announced the release of its 2nd part Red Redemption 2 in October 2018. Now every fan of GTA game series is eagerly waiting for the announcement of GTA 6 game. Everyone searches for the next GTA release all over the internet because of its power to addict everyone.

GTA 6 Launch Dates, Rumours, Price and Gameplay, Characters & Online (Grand Theft Auto VI)

GTA 6 Launch date

Grand Theft Auto VI Characters
Grand Theft Auto VI Characters

Red Redemption is the next big release from Rockstar games and they may be working hard for the October release. So, we cannot expect GTA6 next year. According to some reports, GTA 6 will be there by 2020. But an Industrial analyst Michael Patcher says that we cannot expect the game until 2022. That’s a long wait absolutely. But they need to keep up good standards of the previous version of GTA game and include advanced technical features in it. So, at this point, we cannot actually predict the releasing date without any clue.

Grand Theft Auto VI Recent updates 

GTA 6 Online Status
GTA 6 Online Status

A YouTube channel called ‘The Know’ says that GTA 6 will be releasing in 20121/2022 and has given the code name ‘Project Americans’. The main reason behind this name is that players will be flying between the US and South America and most of the fight takes place in the US. This game mainly shows Vice city. All of these are speculations and there is not any confirmation from actual developers yet. So, we don’t know whether it is true or not.

GTA 6 will be coming definitely. In an interview with Rockstar president Leslie Benzies back in September 2013, he said that they have got many ideas about the next GTA version. The only thing to do is to pick up the right idea. The idea has to be there first and all will happen automatically. So, we can assume that GTA 6 will be coming shortly as Rockstar is planning about it.

According to some reports, GTA 6 will be taking place in Vice City as this is the most loved entries in GTA franchise. The era in which all the events happening is not confirmed yet. Anyways project Americans is the code name given to this game according to online sources and the map of this game will be huge. There are many rumors about game location also. Some say that it would be the US and some other believes it as London.

Grand Theft Auto VI Online
Grand Theft Auto VI Online

First, three GTA series were set across three locations like Liberty city (Download GTA 4 APK), Vice City and San Andreas respectively. The next two were at Liberty City and San Andreas. Now the only city left is Vice city and we can assume the next GTA will be the main location of the game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Rumours

Visual reality support

We can assume full support of visual reality in Grand Theft Auto VI Launch. Rockstar hasn’t announced special handsets for that. We don’t know about it yet. But we have to wait and see because there are many practical issues to play a fast paced and action- packed game in VR.

Grand Theft Auto VI Rumours
Grand Theft Auto VI Rumours

Time travel will be there

This is another rumor about GTA6. The game will be in multiple cities with multiple characters and time period also varies. There is a change of merging all the stories to one period after completing individual stories. This will cut down the journey time between multiple cities. We cannot predict what Rockstar is planning right now.

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GTA 6 will be online

Rockstar introduced GTA online recently. So, we don’t know what the next step will be. Maybe they will remove single player offline and mode and make the game online only. This will be a great disappointment for GTA fans to see the disappearance of Offline game. After GTA online release they have made a profit of more than 500 million dollars. GTA 6 will be the biggest path changer if they release it an online game.

GTA 6 Launch
GTA 6 Launch

GTA VI Release only for next-generation consoles

GTA 5 was released initially for PS3 and Xbox 360. Later they re-developed and released it for next-generation consoles. Now we are expecting a PS% and Xbox next series soon. What will happen if Rockstar decides to release the game for next-gen console or whether there is a chance for 2 types one for current consoles and the other for next-generation consoles?

Female lead character

There is a speculation that in GTA 6 we can expect a female leading character. While plenty of woman there all in GTA 5 a leading female protagonist may change the game totally.

Introduction of FPS

Grand Theft Auto VI
Grand Theft Auto VI

Another rumor regarding GTA 6 is that the game may be entirely FPS type. When they re-released GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox one they introduce GTA 5. This gave the game a completely new look. We can expect something new with FPS in the new version.

Create your own character

This is the next big thing we can expect from GTA 6. There is a rumor that you can create a personal character with their own face, voice, style of play etc.

Final words,

These are some expected features of GTA 6. We cannot predict the price right now. Grand Theft Auto VI was released in 2013 and it been more than 4 years after its release. We cannot compare the price right now. It may depend on the features they are including in the next version. We will update you instantly after the official announcement from Rockstar. You can keep visiting our site for more updates. Game fans are eagerly waiting for GTA 6 right now. As they are busy with Red Redemption 2 release we can wait for some more time to get an official announcement from Rockstar.